No Wednesday Night Service 1/17/18

No Wednesday Night Service (01/17/18) Stay Warm and Safe … More No Wednesday Night Service 1/17/18


Read Scripture, Sing Scripture, Pray Scripture

Recently friends have made us aware of a CD called Seeds of Faith.  It is a CD full of songs that are scripture put to music.  Since our baby girl has been born Kaley and I have been trying to setup the habit of Read, Sing, Pray before we put her down to sleep each night.  

I know at almost 11 months old she is not really retaining anything, but when she is old enough to understand I want it to be something that she has always done, and not something different.  Therefore, since someone helped us, I want to provide resources that could help you as well.  … More Read Scripture, Sing Scripture, Pray Scripture

Join us this Sunday for our Thanksgiving Service. … More