Book Review

Here are the top 4 reasons that I enjoyed this book:
1. Not the normal Christian leadership book that takes secular management philosophies and baptizes it in a loosely connected scripture. This book displays pictures of leadership from the garden all through out the Bible. Captures themes of the Bible, rather than trying to find scripture to support what they already believe to be true.
2. Points out two frequent misconceptions of Christian leadership: Leading like Jesus and Finding out if you are a prophet, priest, or king.
3. Although written by two academic professors it is not just an academic book. Any one can pick up this book and relate to it. For proof just look at the illustrations used. The reader will find Illustrations from baseball, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars.
4. What I probably love most is that this book quotes a lot of the usual theological giants, but there is also a great effort to display a Diversity of thought (ex. John Perkins, Eric Mason, and Thabiti Anabwilya).