Read Scripture, Sing Scripture, Pray Scripture


Recently friends have made us aware of a CD called Seeds of Faith.  It is a CD full of songs that are scripture put to music.  Since our baby girl has been born Kaley and I have been trying to setup the habit of Read, Sing, Pray before we put her down to sleep each night.

I know at almost 11 months old she is not really retaining anything, but when she is old enough to understand I want it to be something that she has always done, and not something different.  Therefore, since someone helped us, I want to provide resources that could help you as well.


We are currently reading:

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones: This is a great resource. It is designed for 4 years old and up.  And when I say up, I really do mean up.  I even enjoy these stories.  This book takes 21 Old Testament stories and 23 New Testament stories and shows as the book says, “whispers his name”.

In the past we have read:

God’s Very Good Idea by Trilla Newbell: This book for grades from pre-school to third grade.  This book teaches the imago dei on a level that children can understand.  Not only does it teach that we are all created in the image of God, but that we are all made to be different.  And that different is God’s very good idea.  The final page wraps up this idea by saying, “God MADE IT. People RUINED it. He RESCUED it. He will FINISH it. And, with your church family, you can enjoy being part of it right now.”

The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung: This book is for ages 5 to 11 years old.  This is a great book that in 10 chapters walks you through the story line of the Bible.  This book will walk you from creation to the fall to the redemption to restoration.  It will help you an your child see how the Bible is not a loosely connected collection of stories, but is actually advancing this Story line of a Hero come to crush the head of the snake.


Like I mention at the beginning I have just discovered Seeds of Faith and loving it.  In addition to the CD, these songs are also available on spotify.

But we also still use the Fighter Verse Songs which is available in their app by Desiring God.


This one we do not use a resource and in fact it is mostly driven from either the fighter verse for the week or the devotional we just read.  But if you want strengthen your prayer life here is a very good resource: Pray through Scripture. There is also a very helpful video series.

And here are even more resources from a previous post.