The Case for Christ

I do not recall ever recommending a Christian movie, mainly because most embarrass me. For example God’s Not Dead is one of my least favorite movies of all time. Mainly because if you were an atheist you would not feel well represented. In fact, it is the perfect example of a straw man argument. This can best be seen in the conclusion of the movie when the atheist is hit by a vehicle and accepts Christ while the newsboys rock out at a concert. Not only is it a straw man argument through out most of the movie but it is the opposite of the Gospel. In the Gospel the hero dies for the villain not the villain admitting he was wrong once faced with death.

I say all this not to take a shot at the God’s Not Dead but to point you to exactly why I do recommend The Case For Christ. After watching this movie you will see the best attacks on the Resurrection laid out and how Christians respond to those attacks.

I believe this movie does a great job of representing both sides. In fact, even at the end of the movie you do not come off thinking those that think differently than you are stupid (again one of my critics of most Christian movies). But realizing that when it comes down to the mysteries of this life, it boils down to what are you going to put your faith in.

Everyone should watch this movie, for no other reason to be able to understand why Christians believe what they believe and why some put their faith in something else.