How to Maximize Your Revival Impact

Before the Revival:

  • Pray
  • Do a prayer walk around the church
  • Like and Share Posts about Revival on Social Media
  • Invite a Friend, Family member, and Foe to the Revival
  • Post Flyers at your work place or school
  • Arrive early to the service 

The Day of the Revival

  • Give up your parking spot, and if capable, park on the street or at the bank across the street. Consider carpooling if you live near other members.
  • Give up your seat.  Move to the front and towards the middle in order to make room for our guests. Invite guests you meet in the parking lot or in the hallway to sit with you.
  • Invite someone to sit with you.
  • Consider how much you will give in addition to your tithe to the love offering.
  • Consider asking someone new to join you for lunch after Sunday morning service.
  • Invite first time visitors to worship with you again.
  • Greet everyone you see with a smile whether you know them or not.
  • Introduce yourself to those you don’t know.
  • Assist those who don’t seem to know where they are going.
  • Don’t rush off after the service.
  • Show up to all services even youth night.  We need all generations every night.  Show up and get to know a youth.

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