Cottage Prayer Meetings

Our Fall Revival is coming up soon (Nov. 12-15)!  Please sign-up and come out to support our cottage prayer meetings: September 3rd, 24th, October 8th, 22nd, and November 5th.  Call the office for more information and the sign-up sheet is outside the office door.

So far, we have learned from the examples of Hannah and Samuel that true biblical revival comes first from realizing there is a problem.  And because of the mourning from their pain, it drives them to their knees.  Let us as a church follow their example.

Please come out and support these cottage prayer meetings (Two options each Sunday Night):

September 3rd

  • Host: Frank and Linda Martin  Leader: Frank Martin
  • Don & Jo Moulder                         Jack Honea

September 24th

  • Host: Nick Peavey                           Leader: Nick Peavey
  • Janet Honea                                     Danny Rushing

October 8th

  • Host: Vic Simmons                         Leader: Tanner Johnston
  • James and Rebecca Brumfield    James Brumfield

October 22nd

  • Host: Kimberly Alford                   Leader: Danny Rushing
  • Matt & Carolyn Travis                   Keith Tamor

November 5th

  • All together in the Fellowship Hall