June Newsletter Article


If I was to tell you that there was going to be a week this year that our church was going to be filled with people that are lost and have never accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord, Savior, and Treasure; I would almost guarantee your heart would be filled with excitement and not only would you be wanting to take part in this great ministry, but you would join us in praying fervently for this event.   Well, that event is coming June 5-9 and we call it VBS.

This is one of the few events where the mission field shows up to our doorsteps.  Brother Steve in his article in The Link… gave us three important statistics to show the importance of VBS.

  • Of all the programs and activities churches provide for children/youth, VBS is still #1 in evangelistic programs in churches of all sizes.
  • The probability of someone accepting Jesus as Savior is much greater before the age of 13. Numbers are close to 40% of believers who came to know Christ by the time they became teenagers.  The number drops significantly between the ages 13-18 to less than 10%.  Once someone reaches the adult ages, it is even less.
  • Kids form a “worldview perspective” before they reach junior high which guides their thoughts, conscience, and actions.

So, this year when you think of VBS do not just merely think of it as event of games and summer fun for children, but think of it as spiritual warfare as we attempt to push back the darkness and to share the Gospel with these precious children.  That the eternal destination of these children could be changed during this week of VBS and the thought of that should drive us to our knees.

However, VBS is not the only thing we have going on this month.  We currently have a group that is in Ecuador, youth camp is this month, and we finish this month out with several traveling with the Mississippi Nail Benders to Indiana for a mission trip.  So, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved this month and a lot that needs your prayers as well.

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June 4th      Morning: Genesis 2                                      Evening:              Hebrews

June 11th                          Genesis 3                                                                   Hebrews

June 18th                         Genesis 4                                                                      No PM Service (Father’s Day)

June 25th                         Genesis 5-9                                                                      Hebrews