May We Remember 

May is an important month for the church. During this month,we are still going off of the excitement of Easter, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate and remember our past. It all starts May 7th with graduation Sunday. It is an opportunity for us to look back andremember the joys and the struggles of being a graduate. It is an opportunity for us to investinto the  next generation. Here we have aunique opportunity to lead discussions about God’s plan for their life to become people of influence for Christ, dating and marriage issues, and life skills such as managing finances. We are also able to train our students how to defend the Christian faith so they can be ready for the non-Christian influences that will confront them atcollege. Hopefully not only are they getting these core competencies from home, but also from the pulpit, by the teaching in the context of small group Bible studies, and through influential mentoring relationships.
Second, we get celebrate and remember Mother’s Day. Traditionally Mother’s Day is one of the most attended church services of the year. It is a great time for us to gather and worship Jesus Christ together as a church family. On Mother’s Day, not only do we get to celebrate our mothers, but we also get to celebrate God’s blessing when God blessed our own family with a child. Mother’s Day is a time for us to be able rejoice with those who are rejoicing, but also weep with those who are weeping. Being aware that there will be some amongst usthat have wounds from their mothers and some that are struggling with infertility.
Third, we get to celebrate and remember Memorial Day. Memorial Dayis another  opportunity for the church to rejoice with those that rejoicing andweep with those that are weeping. We getto remember those who have fought for our freedom, and for some we can mention names and know faces of those that have paid the ultimate price for freedom. But at the same time we get torejoice and celebrate the freedoms that we have and we get to exercise ourright to religious liberty on that Sunday morning.
In conclusion, do not waste your May. Let us use it to celebrate and remember our past and be excited for our future.
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