Sent By The King: Matthew 10

Matthew 10

  1. Spreading the News of the Kingdom (9:35-10:4)
    • The Condition of the Lost (v.35-36)
      • We need to see their size.
      • We need to feel their suffering.
      • We need to realize their separation.
    • Praying for workers (v.37-38)
    • Commissioning the Twelve (v.1-4)
  2. The Commission (v.5-16)
  3. Warnings of future sufferings (v.17-25)
    • The Spirit’s help (v.17-20)
    • Endurance (v.21-23)
    • Inspiration (v.24-25)
  4. Prohibition of fear (v.26-31)
    • The emergence of truth (v.26-27)
    • The non-finality of death (v.28)
    • Continuing providence (v.29-31)
  5. Characteristics of discipleship (v.32-39)
    • Acknowledging Jesus (v.32-33)
    • Recognizing the Gospel (v.34-36)
    • Preferring Jesus (v.37-39)
  6. Encouragement: Response to the disciples and to Jesus (v.40-42)