November 2016 Pastor Newsletter Article


Let’s go together.  This phrase has been one of the biggest blessings to Kaley and I in our short time here.  When Kaley and I first got here we told the church that our first two goals for this year was to 1.) get to know the people and 2.) get to know the area.  And we asked for help, we asked that you would invite us to come along whenever you are doing something you love.  That way we could get to know and love you, learn to love what you love, and to help us fall even more in love with our new home by exploring it.

We have been blessed by the response.  So many people have made us feel welcomed and have taken the time to invest into us.  And we still want to do that so if you have not already or been waiting for the crowd to die down we still want to do that with you.

However, we have been surprised by how many have not just taken us out to eat to their favorite place, but have taken us with them as they are doing ministry.  This has been such a huge blessing.  One of the main causes to the burnout of pastors is unreasonable expectations placed on the pastor.  Many churches including every church I have attended until now, say I wish the pastor would do this, or I wish he would do that, overwhelming the pastor as he tries to keep up with the demands of the congregation until his messages or worse his family suffers.  Then to try to right the ship, he spends more time on his messages and family and those with unreasonable expectations then get mad at the pastor, even telling everyone they come across how displeased they are with him.  I have seen pastors walk into Sunday School rooms unware that one disgruntled member had turned the whole classroom against him.

It is a tremendous blessing to serve in a church that says let’s go together, rather than why haven’t you done ministry for me yet?

Also, we are going through large chunks of the Bible on Sunday morning so to help you prepare your heart for Sunday Morning and Evening here are the passages that Lord willing we will be looking at:

November 6th    Morning: Nehemiah 6-7                Evening: James 4:1-12

November 13th                    Nehemiah 8                                      James 4:13-5:20

November 20th                     Nehemiah 9                                      Ruth 1

November 27th                     Nehemiah 10                                    No Evening Service


We are the body of Christ! (1 Corinthians 12:12-31)

Brother Joe