Vision: 2 Timothy 3-4:4
What is Our Foundation?

Last week we talked about, what is FBC going to be known for? And
we looked at our vision statement:
We aim to be a family of believers in Jesus Christ that love God and love others.
Together, we aspire to be a church that welcomes all to join us in becoming what
Christ would have us be.
So our question for today is, As we are loving God and loving our
neighbors with our gifts that the Holy Spirit has given us, What is going to be
our foundation? What is going to be the banner raised high to help us look
back and see that we are still on the right path, to see that we are still
fighting the good fight of faith, rather than having drifted off?
This is important, we need a common vision and a common foundation
because if we do not, the body will be in chaos. It is not a good thing for the
church to be moving, but not moving together. If everyone does what is right in
their own eyes it will lead to chaos. The church body will be confused and
divided because the left hand will not know what the right hand is doing.

When are the last days? And how are we to live? (v.1)
Why are the last days difficult?
I. What Does it look like to be a person that is totally self-centered? (v. 2-9)

A. List #1: Their lives are totally self-centered (v.2-4)
1. So to answer the question what is the problem with the last days? The
answer is that people have misdirected loves.

2. Everyone worships something or someone, and one’s life is a spillover of
that supreme love.

a) 3 temptations to get us to pursue the wrong love.
(1) To be
(2) To feel
(3) To have

b) 3 things you can do to fight off these temptations
(1) To be humble
(2) To have integrity
(3) To be generous

B. Here is the scary part of this passage, this is not talking about those people
out there, but people that go to church who truly think they are ok with
God. (v.5)
1. Their religion is a show
2. Their religion is empty

C. They look to take advantage of those that were weak for their advantage.

1. Young men: Determine today that you are not going to be this type of
Guy. That you are going to be a guy that Leads, Protects, and Provides
for your church. And I do not mean just for the girls you like, but that you
are aware around you that some of the people that will joining our church
in the future, some that will be joining the youth ministry might be doing
so for the wrong reasons. So determine now to love your sisters-inChrist
and to Lead, Provide, and Protect them. Helping them grow in
Maturity in Christ.

2. Young women: Determine today that you will not be the weak women
described in this passage. That you are aware that not every guy that
goes to church is a Godly man, not every guy that prays for you has
good intentions. That you will look to Proverbs 31 and learn strength
and wisdom.

3. My prayer for this church is that we will be a welcoming church, a loving
church, that loves and accepts everyone. But if someone seeks to come
in and use religion to cause harm that they will be met by men that are
willing to Lead, Provide, and Protect and strong women mature in the

II. What does it look like to live a life that is God-centered? (v.10-13)
A. List #2

III. What are the benefits of reading and knowing God’s Word? (v.14-17)
A. List #3

IV. What are you going to do with this Word? Keep it to yourself? Of Course
not, preach the Word! (4:1-4)

A. What does it mean to preach God’s Word, I thought preachers were
called to preach? (v.1)

1. Preachers are called to train and equip you for ministry so that you can
go out and make disciples that make disciples.

B. List #4: How do God-centered people approach God’s Word? (v.2)

C. List #5: How do self-centered people approach God’s Word? (v.3-4)


Avoid ungodly examples, follow godly examples as they follow the Savior, and
do it all by Christ’s mighty power. Every Christian is called to keep on learning
and living God’s Word, and everyone who preaches and teaches the Word is
called to do so faithfully.


Who are you in this passage? Would people describe you as selfcentered
and use things like lover of money, proud, arrogant to describe you?
Then there is good news and it is not just come to church more because
remember these people were church people. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Repent of your sins and turn towards him and he will give you a new life.

Are you the Godly examples? Would people describe you as
faithful, patient, loving, and steadfast? How hope so, but if not how do you get
that way? By working harder, trying harder to be a good person? No, these
things are the fruit of the Holy Spirit. These things are evidence of a real change
that has come from the inside, not something that can manufactured on the
outside. This is proof of a real faith. How do you get a real faith, not just by
going to church and doing good things, but by repenting of your sins and
turning to Jesus Christ as your Lord, Savior, and Treasure. And then by getting
to know his Word so that you may be complete, equipped for every good work.



  1. Who is your hero? Why do you admire that person?
  2. Why was Jesus more angry with religious hypocrites that with non-religious people?
  3. How does it help to know that the more closely we follow Christ, the more likely we will encounter opposition and persecution?
  4. Why would it be counterproductive to teach that if you follow Christ, your life will be easy?
  5. Are you continuing to learn the Bible?  How are you pursuing that study?
  6. Thinking of your favorite Old Testament story, what does it teach about Christ?
  7. In what way are rebuking and correcting profitable?
  8. If you were asked to teach at this moment, what would you say?  Do you have a favorite message that you would always be ready to share?
  9. Which is easier for you to do- Rebuke, Correct, or Encourage?
  10. What do people want to hear?  What do they need to hear?

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